Chesney BBQ and outdoor heater

Available in 4 sizes:

HEAT 400

HEAT 500

HEAT 600

HEAT 700


Before starting work on the HEAT collection we had already developed the technology in our stove range to produce a woodburning outdoor heater that would be efficient, clean and beautiful to look at. Our challenge was to ensure that the same appliancecould also provide an outstanding barbecuing and cooking experience. It needed to have a versatility and functionality that wouldappeal to the ambitious outdoor chef as well as the ease of use and reliability required by the weekend barbecue enthusiast.

We have designed an appliance that ticks all these boxes and which we believe is not only the best barbecue on the market but alsooffers a unique outdoor heating solution, which is both effective and atmospheric.

So whether you’re a candidate for Masterchef or just want to make sure your sausages, steak and burgers are cooked to a turn, ourHEAT collection is for you. And that’s before you enjoy a well-deserved rest relaxing in the warm glow of the fire.


Everyone loves the experience of cooking, eating and relaxing outside. We enjoy it when we’re abroad on holiday but it’s achallenge at home because of our unpredictable weather.

So we designed our new Heat collection of Barbecue Heaters with the Great British Climate in mind. There aren’t many nightsa year when it’s warm enough to sit outside and relax after a meal and we wanted to change that. Using our award-winning stovetechnology we’ve created a beautiful, environmentally friendly outdoor heater that will make every night a magical experience.

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