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Capital Sovereign Stone - Clarence

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Available in Agean Limestone or Venetian 

In the manner of James Gibbs, a prominent Neoclassical architect of the early Georgian period whose designs include the church of St Martin in the Fields and the Radcliffe Camera, Oxford.

Features - Architectural mantel front on plain foot blocks, topped with plain break fronted frieze and a step moulded cornice shelf.

The Georgian age followed on from the Baroque period and was named after the ascension of the first Hanoverian King, George I, to the English throne. Artistically speaking it is usually split into the early (1715-1765) and late (1765-1811) Georgian periods.

In architectural terms we see a refining of Baroque designs with many influenced by the 16th Century designs of the Italian architect Andrea Palladio. Design became more ordered and dignified giving us the unrivalled proportion of typical Georgian architectural facades.

Interiors were conceived as a total concept with the fireplace forming the focal point of the whole design. Often they were made from fine marble with the finest examples even imported directly from Italy. Fireplaces often incorporated decorative over mantel frames for pictures or mirrors.

Whilst mantels from this Georgian period were often made from the finest quality limestone they would often incorporate contrasting inlaid panels, preferably of a rare and expensive marble with strong characteristic markings and carefully chosen patterning.
Sumptuous Verde Rameggiato marble inlaid panels have been used as a rich yet neutral foil to the Agean limestone body.