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Unit 18-19, Knightsbridge Business Centre, Cheltenham, GL51 9TA

Capital Sovereign Stone - Wilton

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Features - Well proportioned versatile and timeless mantels with plain jambs and capital blocks. Plain running frieze with ogee moulded caps to feet and jambs.

The Victorian era began with the crowning of Queen Victoria in 1837 and is characterized as a period of great artistic eclecticism fuelled by the technological innovation of the time together with a backlash against what was viewed as the orthodoxy of the Georgian and Regency periods.

The Great Exhibition of 1851 in Hyde Park saw more than 15,000 products displayed and was visited by over a third of the population of Britain.

At the same time reaction to the “evils” of the new industrial age saw many look back to what were considered the golden ages of the past. In building terms this “revivalism”, including the Classical Greek, Arts and Crafts, Romanesque, Queen Anne and most strikingly the Gothic styles, has provided us with a wonderful heritage and left us with many of our most famous public buildings.

This melting pot of styles is often mocked in purely artistic terms but clearly had a profound influence on the variety of designs available to the home owner and the development of many interior styles we value highly today.

Furthermore the rapid growth of towns and suburbs at this time allowed for great diversification in style and design of all architectural elements including the fireplace.

Advances in chimney and grate design enabled many more households to heat their homes in this manner often with pieces of varying size and grandeur in each room, stone mantel pieces being reserved for the grandest of settings.