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Gazco - Riva2 530 & 670 Ellingham

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Continuing on from the Riva2 500 Ellingham, the Ellingham is also a handsome cast iron addition to the Riva2 530 and 670 frame range. Although classic in its nature, the Ellingham sits equally well in both traditional and contemporary interiors, and its Matt Black finish sets off the beauitful flame picture within.

The Riva2 530 and 670 are both compatible with our linerless flue kit for a simplified installation.

Interior lining options: Vermiculite, Black Glass, Brick
Effect, Black Reeded

Riva2 530 Conventional flue:

Efficiency - 75%

Heat output - 5.1KW

Riva2 530 Balanced flue:

Efficiency - 82%

Heat output - 5.4KW

Riva2 670 Conventional flue

Efficiency - 75%

Heat output - 5.1KW

Riva2 670 Balanced flue

Efficiency - 82%

Heat output - 5.6KW