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Gazco - Riva2 530 & 670 Evoke Glass

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The Evoke Glass is an eye-catching frame with two layers of stunning reflective glass and sophisticated steel combining to create a thoroughly stylish accompaniment to the portrait dimensions of the 530 and the landscape 670. Choose from shining black or white glass for the front of your frame, to complement the bevelled rear steel section in Graphite and with the additional choice of colour finishes from vibrant Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Metallic Bronze and Ivory.

Furthermore with four chic lining options, the combination possibilities available with the Riva2 530 and 670 gas fires are numerous, enabling you to create a truly bespoke fire for your home.

The Riva2 530 & 670 gas fires are fully operated via a Programmable Thermostatic remote control that offers handy programming functions.

Interior lining options: Vermiculite, Black Glass, Brick
Effect, Black Reeded

Riva2 530 Conventional flue:

Efficiency - 75%

Heat output - 5.1KW

Riva2 530 Balanced flue:

Efficiency - 82%

Heat output - 5.4KW

Riva2 670 Conventional flue

Efficiency - 75%

Heat output - 5.1KW

Riva2 670 Balanced flue

Efficiency - 82%

Heat output - 5.6KW