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Parkray - Double sided consort 4 7 9 & 15

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Make it the heart of your room and friends and family will soon gather around. With a glass door on both sides, the Consort 4 radiates heat very effectively.

This cost-efficient stove belts out heat, making the most of every log (or other approved fuel). Choose from single-depth or double-depth, depending on your space and requirements. Both models feature our coveted Cleanburn technology (for lower emissions), and hot airwash keeping the glass clean. Easy to use and even easier to enjoy, the Consort double sided range simply doesn’t have a bad side.

Consort 4 

Output 4-6 KW

Nominal 5.5KW

Consort 7

Heat output - 5-8 KW

Nominal 6.5KW

Consort 9

Heat output - 6-11KW

Nominal 8.9KW

Consort 15

Heat output - 8KW - 15KW
Nominal 11.6KW

Available in both single depth and double depth.