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Pure Vision - PV5W

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Design parameters have been reset to produce a huge glass panel for fire viewing, framed by a substantial yet elegantly curved cast iron door, the aesthetics of which blend seamlessly with traditional or modern rooms and fireplaces. The glass panel is kept clean by the extremely powerful airwash system. Purevision™ HD is the result of

Fireline’s ongoing endeavours to improve the state of the art in
wood-burning combustion chamber design. High Definition (HD) means an improved visual resolution over the previous standard and
Purevision™ achieves this by harnessing the airwash and specialised tertiary air-profiling within the burn chamber for sharply defined
flames and complete combustion.

PureVision™ PV5W
multi-fuel stove
A stunning panoramic 5kW wide stove that
shares all the features of the PV5 with the
additional benefits of accepting longer logs
and greater fuel volumes.
• Modern hard-wearing graphite
grey paintwork.
• Patented tertiary air-profiling system,
which delivers the clean combustion
and high efficiency required to meet
or exceed the proposed 2022 European
Eco-Design Directive.
• Stainless steel bar handle, which is cooler
to the touch and easy to use.
• Heavy-duty stainless steel operating
tool and stand for ease of use and
attractive appearance.
• Top and rear flue connection provides
more flexibility when installing the stove.
• Optional stands or log stores available.

Stove sizes:
Width 554mm
Height - 590-600mm
Depth - 442mm

Option stand dimensions
Width 554mm
Height - 80mm
Depth - 423mm

Optional log store sizes
Width 554mm
Height - 200mm
Depth - 423mm